And so it ends: iMac Pro pulled off Apple’s website

iMac Pro is gone with the wind.
It’s no longer possible to buy a new iMac Pro from the online Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Two weeks after Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, the all-in-one desktop was pulled from the Mac-maker’s website on Friday.

This computer hadn’t been updated in three years and there have been no reports of a new version. This may be the last iMac Pro… just as it was the first.

Say goodnight iMac Pro

Two weeks ago, a note appeared on the listing for the iMac Pro on Apple’s website now stating “While supplies last.” And there was only one configuration available.

As of now, the computer no long appears on the online Apple Store. The link that used to go to its product listing redirects to to page for all Macs.

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Could a 2021 version be in development?

After the iMac Pro was discontinued, there was speculation that Apple would soon unveil a new version.

But this desktop was an odd duck from the beginning. The iMac Pro debuted in 2017, primarily as a way to satisfy professional graphics designers no longer happy with the 2013 Mac Pro. The release of the 2019 Mac Pro raises questions about whether there’s any need for professional-grade iMac at all. Especially as a revamped Mac Pro with an M-series chip is supposedly in development.

But simply because Apple stopped selling it doesn’t make the computer instantly obsolete. Despite launching three years ago, the desktop remains one of Apple’s fastest. The version with a 10-core Intel Xeon W processor running at 3.0 GHz scores 9385 on Geekbench 5. For comparison, the base-model 2019 Mac Pro gets a 7955 on the same benchmark test.