Grammarly’s free app warns you before sending rude texts

Grammarly tone detector is now available for iPhone or iPad
The Grammarly tone detector for iPhone or iPad lets you know how your writing is likely to be perceived.
Graphic: Grammarly

Never again send a text or email you think is fine but enrages a coworker or your spouse. Use the tone detector Grammarly just added to its iPhone keyboard app to learn what impression your messages will make on readers. The app alerts you if something you’ve typed sounds rude or hostile before you hit send.

There’s more to writing than putting words in a row

Messages covey more than simple facts. The way we express ourselves makes the difference between being helpful and being rude. Between being confident and being aggressive. This is much harder in text than speech because there are no facial expressions or body language to clue the reader in on the writer’s emotions.

The newly updated iPhone keyboard app helps navigate the rocky shores of written communication. “Grammarly’s tone detector relies on a combination of rules and machine learning to identify signals in a piece of writing that contribute to its overall tone,” says the developer. “By analyzing your word choice, phrasing, punctuation, and even capitalization, Grammarly can tell you how your message is likely to sound to someone reading it.”

The AI has to have something to work with, so each message needs to be at least 150 characters for the tone detector to activate.

Tone detector built into Grammarly Keyboard

Tone detection was added to the Grammarly Keyboard app for iPhone or iPad on Thursday. It’s available now in the App Store. The new feature is included in the free version, but is blocked on some business website and platforms. That requires a Premium subscription plan at $29.99 a month.

The free app also offers suggestions on grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Source: Grammarly