Wireless charging stand fixes AirPods Max’s biggest flaw

Fix a glaring limitation of AirPods Max with the Max Stand
Max Stand seems like something Apple should have thought of itself.
Photo: Floating Pixels

AirPods Max offers many premium features, but not wireless charging. A small German design studio dreamed up a fix. The Max Stand from Floating Pixels not only holds Apple’s new over-the-ears headphones upright, it also adds wireless charging.

“One can simply pick up the AirPods to start listening, and easily place them back on the Max Stand when done,” said Stefan Krüger, owner of Floating Pixels. “On the stand they are charged wirelessly via a magnetic connector and displayed in style. No fiddling with a case or cable.”

Add wireless charging to AirPods Max with Max Stand

Charging Apple’s premium headphones requires plugging in a Lightning cable. Max Stand’s designers created a tiny connector that fits into the Lightning port. Placing the AirPods Max into the stand lets power flow through this connector.

Floating Pixels also adds a USB-C cable that can attach to the connector magnetically for juicing up the headphones on the go.

The designers didn’t overlook color options. Just like AirPods Max, the stand is available in silver, sky blue, pink, green and space gray.

Already funded on Kickstarter

If the Max Stand sounds familiar, that’s because Floating Pixels previously tried to fund it through Kickstarter in December. The project was unsuccessful because the funding goal was almost $180,000 — quite a lofty goal for an accessory.

But the designers didn’t give up. “We went back to the drawing board and redesigned Max Stand based on community feedback, so it’s more beautiful and functional, and more affordable,” said Krüger.

The revamped version is on Kickstarter, where its goal of approx. $42,000 has already been reached. That means the product will be produced.

The early-bird special price for Max Stand is $70.34 (€59). But that’s available in limited numbers, and when it’s gone the price goes up to $82.28 (€69).