YouTube TV Adds 7 New Viacom Channels (Without a Price Hike)

A hiker celebrates atop a mountain at sunset with the YouTube TV logo.
Catalin Grigoriu/Shutterstock

Last year, YouTube TV increased its monthly fee from $49 to $65 to help pay for several new Viacom channels, including BET, MTV, and Comedy Central. But some of the promised channels, like NickToons and MTV Classic, failed to arrive on the platform until today, March 17th, 2021. Thankfully, there’s no price increase this time.

YouTube TV now features 104 channels thanks to the addition of BET Her, Dabl, MTV2, MTV Classic, Nick Jr, NickToons, and Teen Nick. And that’s not counting the platform’s 15 add-on networks, the 7-channel Sports Plus bundle, or local channels.

The new Viacom channels are now available to all YouTube TV subscribers. If you aren’t already subscribed to YouTube TV, now’s a good time to try it out. The service is a bit expensive at $65 a month, but it includes unlimited DVR and multi-device streaming. Plus, Google is running a sale for new subscribers that includes two weeks of free service, plus a $10 discount on your first three months.