Apple gets first dibs on new TV shows from Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman and Apple are working together like Thor and Jane Foster.
Natalie Portman stars in past and future Thor movies, but now she’s also creating TV series that might appear on Apple TV+.
Photo: Marvel

Apple TV+ reportedly signed a first-look deal with Natalie Portman and her business partner Sophie Mas. The women recently formed a production company named MountainA that will develop TV series that Apple will have the first chance at.

The two are already working with Apple on Lady in the Lake, a series that was announced last week and will star Portman.

“We launched MountainA to support meaningful, timely projects and we couldn’t imagine a better partner to start this adventure with than the fantastic team at Apple, who in only a short time already have a track record of working with some of the world’s most inspiring filmmakers,” said Portman and Mas in a statement. “We are excited to create and develop daring stories together.”

A “first look” deal doesn’t mean Apple automatically owns any film ideas the two producers come up with. But they must offer Apple TV+ the opportunity to buy the rights to new projects before they try to make deals with rival streaming services, like Netflix or Amazon.

Natalie Portman doesn’t have much experience with TV shows. as she’s made her career in film. She won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for starring in Black Swan, and also starred in V for Vendetta, three Star Wars prequels, and much more.

Sophie Mas has 21 executive producer credits, including Ad Astra and Call Me by Your Name.

Natalie Portman already part of Apple TV+

Last Wednesday, word surfaced that Apple TV+ will adapt the New York Times best-selling novel Lady in the Lake to a series starring Portman and Lupita Nyong’o. Mas is one of the producers.

The limited series will revolve around Portman as an investigative journalist in the 1960s trying to solve a murder. Nyong’o will play a woman who’s part of Baltimore’s Black progressive movement.

Via: Hollywood Reporter