Report: iPhone 12 Users Report Discoloration Issue on the Edges

iPhone 12 red discolourationiPhone 12 red discolouration

A new report claims that many iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini units are suffering from discoloration issue around the edges area.

With iPhone 12, Apple introduced a new flat design, much similar to the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 design. Even though the notch and the overall aesthetic remain the same, the rear and the chassis have gotten a major overhaul. A new report from Svetapple claims that a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 12 is suffering from a discoloration issue.

The report claims that the device was purchased in November and has been in a transparent case ever since. Over the course of four months, the red aluminum frame has significantly faded. The pictures shared on their website show a significant difference between the color of the chassis from when it was purchased to its condition now.

“Back in November 2020, we bought a red iPhone 12 for the editorial office, which is used primarily for work purposes. This phone has been worn in a transparent case since day one and has not been used in any “toxic” environment where aggressive substances are present.”

The publication claim that most of the discoloration has happened around the camera edges, and “elsewhere the color is undamaged.” The publication says that the discoloration was probably due to the “bad/imperfect surface treatment.” Adding to this, it also says that the device was used in a normal way, like their previous device, the iPhone XR, on which “nothing like it appeared.”

This isn’t the first time discoloration has been reported on iPhones. Many posts on the Apple discussion forum have suggested the same. A user reported an issue where his iPhone 11’s orange color turned fade even though his device was in the case the whole time.

Is your iPhone 12 unit suffering from a similar issue? Have you ever faced this issue before? Let us know in the comments section below!

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