Barclays: iPhone 13 Models ‘Likely’ to Feature Under the Display Touch ID

iPhone 13 touch idiPhone 13 touch id

A new report, based on information provided by Barclays analysts, claims that all the iPhone 13 models will feature an under-the-display Touch ID scanner. They also believe that the upcoming iPhone 13 models will feature a smaller notch, with a tightly integrated version of the Face ID scanner.

According to the report, published by MacRumors, all the 2021 iPhones will feature an under-the-display Touch ID scanner in addition to Face ID, for authentication. Adding to their comments, analysts also say that the iPhone 13 models will also feature a smaller notch. The report claims that the information is based on “extensive industry conversations” with suppliers.

Analysts say that the smaller notch will be the result of a “more tightly integrated version of the current structured light system.” They believe that a significant shift to the Face ID’s structure will come to the iPhone in 2022. Apple will likely adopt the time-of-flight sensor for this year’s iPhone. Pertaining to more information about this year’s iPhone, there’s no knowing if the notch will be smaller in width, or its height. Earlier reports about iPhone 13 claim that the notch’s width will remain the same, but will be smaller in height.

“We also view the adoption of fingerprint-under-glass, that likely is added in the 2H21 iPhones, as a structural headwind for additional 3D sensing content at Apple and could be the security feature of the future.”

About the under-the-display scanner, the report says that “fingerprint-under-glass” is “likely” in the iPhone 13, with Apple adopting a 3D sensing component for the scanner. Mark Gurman has also proposed that there will at least be a one key upgrade to this year’s iPhone.

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