Apple accuses former employee of leaking trade secrets to the media

Apple Glass concept from the Hacker 34.
VR glasses is one of the unannounced items that a former Apple employee might have leaked to the press.
Photo: the Hacker 34

Apple filed a lawsuit against Simon Lancaster on Thursday, accusing the former employee of leaking company secrets to the media.

He worked at Apple as a materials engineer for over 11 years, helping to design upcoming products. That gave him access to information not publicly available. Apple alleges he traded that info for personal gain.

Apple’s lawsuit never names any of the products that Lancaster supposedly leaked details about. It also never names the person who received the information, nor what publication they work for. Everything is kept vague. “The trade secrets Lancaster stole and sent to the Correspondent for publication included details of unreleased Apple hardware products, unannounced feature changes to existing hardware products, and future product announcements,” Apple’s lawyers say the suit.

Apple is requesting that Lancaster be forced to pay for the damage he allegedly caused the company, as well as punitive damages. And all Apple’s legal fees.

The full text of Apple v. Simon Lancaster is available from Scribd.