The latest blatant Apple Watch clone cost just $45

  • Xiaomi designed a blatant Apple Watch knock off that’s about to launch in China for around $45.
  • The Redmi Watch is almost identical to the Apple Watch, and it’s the latest Xiaomi product to borrow heavily from Apple’s design playbook.

The Apple Watch 6 is, without a doubt, the best smartwatch you can buy. You could say the same thing about each generation that preceded it. Apple sets the tone in the industry with its Apple Watch designs and features, and that might not change for the foreseeable future. Apple now sells three distinct models in stores, including the Apple Watch 3 that’s heavily discounted from retailers on Black Friday. That’s assuming the Apple Watch 3 is still in stock, as the older gadget is still selling out during Black Friday sales events.

Samsung, Fitbit, and other smartwatch makers attempt to put up a great fight every year, but it’s still the Apple Watch that’s the most popular device with consumers. Other device makers are just happy putting out cheap smartwatches that look a lot like the Apple Watch, hoping that’s going to be good enough for buyers. The latest entrant in this category is the Redmi Watch that will retail for just $45.

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Everything in the following image screams Apple Watch. The Redmi Watch is another blatant ripoff from a company that’s been criticized before for copying Apple’s designs.

Redmi Watch
Xiaomi’s new Redmi Watch smartwatch features an Apple Watch-like design.

The Redmi Watch isn’t even trying to be different. It features almost the same design down to the screen shape and size, the buttons, and watch bands. Xiaomi could have at least devised unique watch faces that would set the Redmi Watch apart from the Apple Watch. But it copied Apple even there, and the activity rings are the best example of that. Sure, the colors might not match Apple’s design perfectly, but many people will think the Redmi Watch is an Apple Watch.

At 299 yuan, or around $45, the Redmi Watch will not be able to offer the same sophistication as the Apple Watch. The Watch features a 1.4-inch display, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, NFC, and a heart rate monitor. The battery lasts for seven days, or 12 days if the power-saving mode is enabled. Admittedly, battery life is much better than the Apple Watch. Again, the Apple Watch has more powerful hardware and advanced functions that will require more energy than this lookalike.

Like other wearables, the Redmi Watch connects to a phone via an application. You’ll have to look for the Mi Fit app if you purchase the device come December 1st. That’s when Xiaomi will start selling the Watch in China, with other markets to follow. The US might also get it, according to an FCC listing for a Mi Watch Lite device that hasn’t been announced.

The Redmi Watch might be a good fitness tracker and could be a great wearable for people looking for a wearable device to help keep them in shape. But that doesn’t change the fact that the only thing it has going for it is the Apple Watch design. Xiaomi does sell its own affordable smart bands under the Mi Smart Band brand, which has a non-Apple Watch design.

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