Here’s why it’s impossible to find a PS5 in stores right now

  • Sony’s new PS5 has been going in and out of stock ever since it launched on November 12th.
  • In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed that everything is sold out and the company is trying its best to meet demand.
  • Ryan also confirmed that Sony plans to support the PS4 into 2022 as gamers make the transition to the new generation over the next two years.

The fact that Sony and Microsoft were able to launch new game consoles in the middle of a pandemic is impressive, but it comes with a very important caveat — the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S have been outrageously difficult to find ever since they debuted. Unless you managed to secure a preorder back in September, chances are you’re still searching for a new console. Unfortunately, that will continue to be the case in the weeks ahead.

In an interview with Russian news agency TASS, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan discussed a number of topics surrounding the PS5, from the difficulties of launching a product in 2020 to the importance of exclusive titles to his feelings about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls franchise earlier this year.

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“Everything is sold [out]. Absolutely everything is sold [out],” Ryan said of the first batch of PS5 units that went out on November 12th. “And everything will be sold [out] in Russia, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve spent much of the last year trying to be sure that we can generate enough demand for the product. And now in terms of my executive bandwidth I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand.”

Limited quantities of PS5 consoles have been popping up in stock for an instant or two over the past week and a half, but most consumers have been unable to place an order, even with retailers like Walmart giving advance notice about the exact timing when more stock will be available online. Another batch is expected to pop up on Black Friday, but if you aren’t one of the first shoppers in the digital line, your chances of snagging one are slim.

Ryan also talked about how quickly he expects PS4 owners to migrate to the PS5 in the months and years ahead:

All history indicates that the initial cohort, from the launch to Christmas, about three quarters will be upgraders from the PS4. And the remaining 25% will either come to us from another console, or will come from outside the console ecosystem. So, the great majority of those who buy a PS5 will have a PS4. […] There are around 114 million PS4s in the world, the number of those who transfer if you keep that in mind is a small number. But for us, the PS4 community is going to remain incredibly important certainly for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Because in those three years, that will be the larger PlayStation community.

At the very least, those of you who are unable to grab a PS5 before the end of the year can rest assured that Sony does not plan to abandon the PS4 any time soon. By the time PS5-only games are coming out on a regular basis, finding one in stores should be a piece of cake. At least compared to right now.

Jacob started covering video games and technology in college as a hobby, but it quickly became clear to him that this was what he wanted to do for a living. He currently resides in New York writing for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive, VentureBeat and Game Rant.