Apple Lures US Staff to Work in China with $500 Daily Bonus

Apple is reportedly paying its employees a daily bonus for working in China. The US Staff are being paid $500/ daily business for traveling to and working in Shanghai. As per the standard operating procedure, the employees will be quarantined in Shanghai.

Apple had put travel restrictions on staff members owing to the pandemic. Now it seems like the company has lifted its restriction and is encouraging employees to work in China. Furthermore, Apple will be able to resume factory visits once US employees return to China. The company reportedly informed its employees of travel plans in September, and the flights to China begun in October.

The employees who travel to China are required to work in the country for at least six weeks. This includes two weeks of compulsory quarantine. Apple conducts pre-trip COVID-19 screening and necessary health checkups. Once the staff land in China, they are put up in designated hotel facilities by the authorities. Most importantly, they cannot leave the hotel for two weeks, and neither do they have access to restaurant delivery and laundry services.

Once the quarantine period is over, the company will shift the staff to luxurious accommodations. As per the report, after quarantine, Apple will put up staff in Mariott and Park Hyatt hotels. The employees will have to adjust in budget accommodations and only be served Irish lamb stew for two weeks. They will have to do their chores, and this includes washing their own clothes.

Our Take

It seems like Apple is keen on exercising oversight over its supply of chain in China. The company is offering a $500/day bonus and covering other normal expenses for the business. A recent report mentioned how Apple’s relations with Foxconn are going sour, and perhaps this is one reason for the company to fly its Staff and offer lucrative incentives to work from China.


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