Wyze Opens Pre-Orders for a $200 Robot Vacuum

A Wyze robot vacuum cleaning a rug.

Between indoor and outdoor cameras, fitness bands and scales, smart home sensors, and even headphones, you might think Wyze has plenty in its portfolio already. But now the company wants to take over another part of your smart home, and this time it’s offering up an affordable robot vacuum with tons of features.

That’s right, the Wyze Robot Vacuum costs just $199, and preorders are open today. If that’s all you need to know, go ahead and click that link. But for the rest of us, here are the details that matter.
Like more and more robot vacuums, the Wyze entry uses LIDAR to scan and map your home. Those maps will come in handy because you’ll use them and the Wyze app to set up virtual barriers to prevent the robot from vacuum rooms you don’t want it in.

A closeup of the Wyze robot vacuum's LIDAR sensor.

And you can label the maps to differentiate your kitchen from your bedroom, then tell the Wyze Robot Vacuum to go clean just the room you want. It can stop what it’s doing, go to the included charger, recharge, then pick back up where it left off as well.

A Wyze robot vacuum with the top opened and dust bin showing.

The vacuum uses a 3200 mAh lithium-ion battery and takes a full charge in about three and a half hours. And Wyze promises the robotic vacuum has 2,100 Pascal of suction power, which puts it among the stronger robot vacuums out there. The dust bin, accessible by flipping open the top, has 550 ml capacity.

Naturally, the only way to know if Wyze’s latest entry lives up to the impressive specs on paper is to test it, and we’ll look forward to seeing if it sucks—in a good way, that is.  Until then, you can preorder the Wyze Robot Vacuum today, and the company says it will ship sometime in January 2021.