Peter McKinnon tackles ‘why everyone is wrong’ about the iPhone 12 MagSafe Wallet [Video]

Apple’s new iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe has stirred up a bit of controversy around the strength of the magnet, functionality, and more. Now photographer and YouTuber Peter McKinnon (with a background in leatherwork) has shared a new video making his case for why “everyone is wrong” about the new iPhone MagSafe Leather Wallet.

We shared our own hands-on look at the MagSafe Wallet and came away feeling like it can definitely offer a great experience, but with some caveats like magnet strength being underpowered and adjusting how you put your iPhone in your pocket to make sure it doesn’t pop off in the process.

One of the interesting things about McKinnon’s take is he has a background as a leather craftsman and offers some unique thoughts from that perspective. He thinks the iPhone MagSafe Leather Wallet does exactly what it needs and was designed to.

Other highlights he shares include Apple’s attention to detail that matches luxury brands like painted edges and super high-quality features like double-back stitching at the edges

McKinnon’s take on the wallet shares a lot in common with what we saw, outstanding materials and build quality, slim, and convenient (for those who want a minimalist wallet).

In his experience, he says “it doesn’t come off super super easily but it doesn’t come off in a difficult manner…” He says that the wallet popping off isn’t an issue for him even with tight jeans. But if it is a problem for some, you can just use your pointer finger to hold the wallet in place as you put it in your pocket (check out the video for more on that).

One thing he didn’t directly mention was how getting cards out can be tricky without removing it from your iPhone (which is my biggest issue, but I’m still a fan of the wallet’s overall experience).

In a bit of a whimsical tone, McKinnon says he’s more excited about the MagSafe Wallet than he is the iPhone 12.

Check out the full video below:

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