iPhone 12 Studio Lets You Mix and Match MagSafe Cases and Wallets

iPhone 12 StudioiPhone 12 Studio

Apple has launched a new iPhone 12 Studio customisation page that allows iPhone 12 owners to try different MagSafe cases and wallet combinations and get an idea of how it will look. This is similar to Apple Watch Studio page which allows potential Apple Watch customers to mix and max various casings and watch bands. The page is rightfully titled as ‘Mix. Match. Personalize.’ by Apple.

On the iPhone 12 Studio page, a user will first need to select their iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro variant. After this, they need to select its color following which they can try various MagSafe cases and wallet in different colors to see which combination looks the best.

The page works on both desktop and mobile, with the latter version being particularly well done. Apple offers the MagSafe case in eight different colors for the iPhone 12 series while the MagSafe Wallet is available in four colors.

Since MagSafe accessories can be stacked on top of each other, one can use the MagSafe case and then stack the wallet on top of it. The wallet itself can be used to keep one’s credit card or ID proof.

What are your thoughts on the MagSafe case and wallet for the iPhone 12 series? Drop a comment and let us know!

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