Tim Cook: Apple Still Has a ‘Few More Exciting Things in Store’ for the Year

Tim CookTim Cook

Apple is still not done with product launches for the year as teased by the company’s CEO Tim Cook during the Q4 2020 earnings call today. Without revealing anything, Cook said that Apple still has a “few more exciting things in store” for this year.

The CEO is likely referring to the new Apple Silicon-based Macs that Apple is rumored to announce next month. Apple itself had announced that the first Apple Silicon-based Macs will launch before the end of this year. Apple’s Tile-like tracking tags AirTags are also expected to be announced at the same event.

Tim Cook also talked about the initial iPhone 12 interest among consumers. Speaking to CNBC after the earnings call, he said that he was optimistic about the iPhone 12 sales because they support 5G, have a loyal user base, and aggressive carrier promotions. He also noted that the “initial data points are really quite good.” He also touched on Apple’s declining revenue in China which fell by 28% in fiscal Q4. Cook said that the company’s revenue in China is primarily made up of new iPhones which is why the previous quarter saw a decline in Apple’s business in China. With the iPhone 12 now launched, the company is again expecting its business to grow in Q1 in the region.

In another interview with Reuters, Cook revealed that Apple now has over 585 million subscribers for its various services, with the company on track to exceed its target of having over 600 million subscribers by the end of 2020. Apple also confirmed that the Apple One service bundle will launch tomorrow, with Apple Fitness+ coming later this year. Apple registered a record of $64.7 billion in revenue for fiscal Q4 and an operating profit of $12.7 billion thanks to record revenues from its Mac and Services business.

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