iPhone 12 MagSafe Leather Wallet starts shipping to early customers

One of Apple’s intriguing new accessories this year for iPhone 12 is the MagSafe Leather Wallet. While we saw some strange initial delays for early preorders, arrival times have come back to the original estimates and have begun shipping to customers.

As we noted last week:

Another interesting development around the MagSafe Leather Wallet is shipping delays. Several of us here at 9to5Mac ordered the wallet immediately after they went up for preorder at 5 am PT on October 19. We noticed shipping estimates of November 2 at the earliest. However, now that has been pushed back to November 23.

Fortunately, a few days later, we saw shipping estimates return to the original as early as November 2 date. And today my MagSafe Leather Wallet (in black) has shipped and is set for November 2 delivery.

Also, it may be worth checking your local Apple Store to see if the wallet is in stock if you haven’t already placed an order (Thanks, Leonard!).

While the new wallet may be an exciting one for many, there are also concerns about how well it will stay attached and other factors like the ease of getting cards out.

And we’re also still waiting on availability (starting in November) for Apple’s Leather iPhone 12 cases that include the standard MagSafe option and a new Leather Sleeve.

Did you keep your MagSafe Leather Wallet order or have you canceled it or decided to pass based on the early reviews? Have you seen your wallet ship out if you kept your order? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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