Apple TV+ picks up lovable sports comedy Ted Lasso for surprise third season

Jason Sudeikis plays a clueless college football coach in the Apple TV+ comedy series
Jason Sudeikis plays a clueless college football coach in the comedy series.
Photo: Apple TV+

Tottenham Hotspur gets to keep their coach for years to come. Apple TV+ revealed Wednesday that its sports comedy Ted Lasso has been renewed all the way through a third season.

The first season recently wrapped up, and received high marks from critics and audiences. And there’s plenty more to come

Ted Lasso pulls off a hat trick

The series centers on a clueless American football coach, played by Jason Sudeikis, who lands a job in Britain leading a team that plays that other kind of football.

While that’s a trope that could easily get tiresome, the Boston Globe says the show “is a pleasure.” The review points out that Lasso, rather than being a predicable baffoon, is a “a big-hearted, optimistic, even charming guy.” It calls the show “a sweetly cheerful comedy.”

And there are plenty of other positive reviews. Buzzfeed called the show, “the warm hug we need for 2020.” Ted Lasso got an 86% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. And the audience score is a whopping 98%. There’s also the Cult of Mac review, “Ted Lasso’s heart is too big to bench.”

All the adulation didn’t escape notice at Apple TV+. It already committed to season two, and on Wednesday announced it’s given a green light to more. “Ted Lasso will be returning for a second & third season,” Apple said via Twitter.