Guard the door with a high tech security camera

blurams outdoor security camera
Secure your home or office with this camera’s siren and flashing alarm, facial recognition and night vision.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Looking to boost the security factor at home or at the office? There’s no such thing as too safe, so this feature-rich security camera pulls out all the stops.

The Blurams Outdoor Pro includes tons of smart features, like voice command and facial recognition so that it can tell people, pets, and other moving objects apart. It also comes with a siren and flashing alarm to scare away intruders. For friendlier guests, there’s two-way communication with guests at your door. It’s IP65 weather-resistant, too, so it can withstand rainy weather. But you can also post it inside, too. Either way, the video quality is 1080P, with 4X digital zoom, noise reduction, night vision, 128GB micro SD storage and more.

Buy now: Get a Blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera Outdoor System for $59.99. That’s 33% off the usual price.