MagSafe-Compatible iPhone Accessories Coming From PopSocket

Apple’s new iPhone 12 models are equipped with a ring of magnets in the back that allows them to work with a range of new accessories, including a new magnet-based MagSafe charger that snaps right onto the back of the device.

Apple is creating a
line of magnetic accessories, and
third-party companies are also working on useful new accessories that will be able to take advantage of the magnetic system. One such company that’s going to be able to make good use of that magnet ring in the ‌iPhone‌ 12 models is PopSocket.

PopSocket, which makes a super popular line of Grip accessories that attach to the back with adhesive, told TechCrunch that a MagSafe solution is coming.

PopSockets will support Apple’s MagSafe technology, TechCrunch has confirmed — meaning you’ll soon be able to pop on and off these ubiquitous ‌iPhone‌ accessories without worrying about the sticker on the back losing its adhesiveness over time and needing a rinse.

Right now, PopSocket Grips attach to the ‌iPhone‌ with adhesive that can lose its stickiness over time, but with a built-in magnet, PopSockets could perhaps work without the need for adhesive, making them easier than ever to pop on and off as needed.

Though PopSockets confirmed it has MagSafe products in the works, there’s no additional detail available at this time nor do we know when the first MagSafe-based PopSockets might launch.