First iPhone 12 5G Speed Test Results Are Out, Reaches Speeds as High as 2Gbps

iPhone 12 featuresiPhone 12 features

One of the headlining new features of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lineup is the addition of 5G. Apple talked extensively about 5G support on its latest iPhones and how it will allow for download speeds of up to 4Gbps. Now, the first iPhone 12 5G speed test results are available courtesy of the SpeedSmart app across Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T networks.

The results are based on a limited number of tests and they might not be indicative of what speeds you will get on your iPhone. Nonetheless, the results are pretty interesting and do reveal one thing about 5G speeds on the iPhone. On AT&T, the iPhone was only able to latch on to the Low Band 5G network. This resulted in download speeds varying from 70Mbps to 200Mbps, with upload speeds ranging from 14.77Mbps to 24.63Mbps. On T-Mobile’s network, the download speeds went as high as 621Mbps and as low as 77.60Mbps. The upload speeds ranged from 17.69Mbps to 91.70Mbps.

AT&T iPhone 12 5G SpeedtestAT&T iPhone 12 5G Speedtest T-Mobile iPhone 12 5G SpeedtestT-Mobile iPhone 12 5G Speedtest

Verizon’s 5G network delivered the fastest speeds on the iPhone 12, with one of the results showing speeds as high as 2000Mbps. Other speed test results on Verizon’s network were also very impressive with almost all of them being 1000Mbps or higher and the lowest being 714Mbps. One must remember that Verizon’s results are so much better because they were conducted on its mmWave 5G network which is going to be tough to find in real-life.

Verizon iPhone 12 5G SpeedtestVerizon iPhone 12 5G Speedtest

T-Mobile’s speed test results are very impressive since it is relying on mid-band 5G for deployment. The results do make it clear that with 5G, download speeds are going to vary from 50-60Mbps to as high as 2000Mbps. Additionally, upload speeds are not going to get a similar boost and most users are going to see low double-digit or up to 90Mbps in upload speeds for now.


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