Amazon and Echelon Offer a $500 Fitness Bike Alternative to Peloton

Echelon EX-Prime with man exercising
Echelon EX-Prime

Echelon is sort of the store brand version of fitness revolution-slash-fitness cult, Peloton. It’s got pretty much all of the same stuff in there, a stationary bike that connects to available live services and data interpretation, without some of the flashier bits or the high price. The company has now partnered with Amazon for a “Prime” version of its hardware.

The Smart Connect Fitness Bike EX-Prime, $500, is pretty stripped-down compared to the EX3 and EX5 models, $1000 and $1200, respectively. But as a basic to mid-range stationary bike it’s pretty serviceable, with an all-steel frame, 32 levels of magnetic resistance, and adjustment points for the saddle, saddle height, and handlebar height and length.

Echelon EX-Prime

It’s considerably more expensive than a similar bike, but the idea is that it’s ideal for use with the Echelon Connect subscription service. That service includes live and recorded fitness classes starting at $20 a month. More expensive options can be bundled with Echelon’s bikes, rowing machines, and mirrors, but that isn’t offered with this entry-level bike.

The EX-Prime bike appears to be identical to the Walmart-branded Echelon Connect Sport, which has the same price and capabilities. It’s shipping out to customers in the US starting today.

Source: Amazon via Engadget