Apple Stores offer personalized sizing for Solo Loop Watch bands

The Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are now available at reopened Apple Stores, and Apple has created a more personal experience for customers hoping to size the new Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands.

While inventory and display selection may vary by location, most Apple Stores now offer a full range of Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands to try on. With the pandemic changing the nature of in-store shopping, Apple has simplified Apple Watch Studio, displaying only bands without watch cases in a small number of trays.

Make an appointment to Shop with a Specialist, and you’ll be guided to the Apple Watch table. Apple has created a higher quality version of its online sizing guide to determine which Solo Loop band is right for you. The sizing guides are individually packaged, recyclable, and single-use for health and safety purposes. A reusable blue silicone version of the sizing guide will eventually replace the disposable items.

Each guide has a small adhesive sticker that attaches to your wrist where you’d normally rest the Apple Watch optical sensor. A Specialist will guide you through the sizing process from across the table and find the right band for you. The Specialist I spoke with told me that bands tend to run large, and recommended trying an option two sizes smaller than the guide indicated. It was a perfect fit. All of the surfaces customers touch are cleaned after appointments.

Solo Loop display sizes at Apple Bayshore in Glendale, WI.

If you’re hoping to pick up a band at your local store, inventory is limited at launch. You may have better luck ordering online. Shopping sessions are still the best way to browse inside. If your store is out of reservations for the day, you can try your luck at the door, but may have to wait outside.

Nearly 75% of Apple Stores in the US have reopened again in some capacity. If you haven’t checked the status of your local store lately, visit our interactive tracker. Let me know how your Apple Store experience goes, and follow along on Twitter for daily Apple Store news.

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