Join the World’s End Club for side-scrolling adventure on Apple Arcade

‘World’s End Club’ is the latest addition to Apple Arcade.
World’s End Club starts at an abandoned undersea amusement park. Then it gets weird.
Photo: Apple

Just-released World’s End Club happily mixes genres. It’s a side-scroller puzzle-action game and a story-adventure game… all at the same time.

The action starts when a group of Japanese school kids find themselves in a long-abandoned amusement park under the ocean. It just gets weirder from there.

A clown orders the children to play “Fate Game.” Then they discover they have mysterious powers. And at the same time, abnormal events are happening around the world.

The developer, Izanagigames, promises “the story unfolds in… unexpected ways.” Help the kids figure out what’s going on in World’s End Club, which launched Friday on Apple Arcade. Just be aware, choices made by the players will alter the course of adventure.

The game includes 12 characters, and takes place in locations around Japan. It is for a single player, and external controllers are supported. There are versions for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

World’s End Club is on Apple Arcade now

World’s End Club debuted Friday in Apple Arcade, a subscription game service. Playing requires a $4.99-per-month subscription, but that also brings access to 100 other titles. And there are no other costs, as in-app purchases, ads and gambling on loot boxes are all banned.