Apple Shares Hilarious iPhone ‘Over Sharing’ Privacy Ad

iPhone privacyiPhone privacy

With its last few adverts, Apple has been focusing on the privacy aspect of the iPhone and highlighting how it is superior to other smartphones in this department. Today, the company has released a hilarious new ad titled “Privacy. That’s iPhone – Over Sharing” again showing this and taking a jibe at other smartphones that tend to leak sensitive user data.

The ad shows people shouting out their important and personal information to others while on a bus, in a movie hall, in office, and more. This includes their credit card details, how far they are from their home, the colleagues they hate working with, their heart rate, and more. The ad ends with Apple saying “Some things shouldn’t be shared” and the iPhone helps it keep that way.

Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.

Apple first started highlighting the privacy aspect of iPhones in early 2019 by putting a billboard near the CES venue in 2019 in Las Vegas saying “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” Sadly, right after that, a major FaceTime eavesdropping bug was found in iOS that led Apple to disable group FaceTime for around a week until it rolled out the fix. Later in the year, another major privacy lapse was found from Apple as it allowed third-party contractors to listen to Siri audio recording of users which revealed their personal information.

Nonetheless, Apple as a company definitely values privacy more than other tech giants. With the upcoming iOS 14 release, the company has again introduced a number of privacy-focused changes aimed at protecting user data.

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