Stay charged and safe with a 2-in-1 power bank and sanitizer

First Health 6000mAh UV-C Power Bank
Keep your devices charged and germ-free with a 2-in-1 power bank and UVC sanitizer.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

These days, keeping our devices sanitary is almost as essential as keeping them charged. Germs are everywhere, after all, and studies show that phones, tablets, and other gadgets can contain as many microbes as toilets. So it makes sense to practice good hygiene for our devices as much as ourselves.

The First Health 6,000mAh UV-C Power Bank includes ultraviolet sterilization lamps, which can kill up to 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria. Just activate the light bar, and scan it over your device for a few seconds. It’s easy to use with smartphones, tablets, game consoles, you name it. Meanwhile, you can charge it with the 6,000mAh battery. All that in a device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, or any gear bag.

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