LG Will Reveal Its Dual Screen “Wing” Smartphone on September 14

A hint of two displays connected at a T-hinge showing waves of the ocean.

Sure, Samsung has a few folding phones under its belt now. And Microsoft’s phone gives you the dual-screen effect in a foldable-like fashion. But LG’s “Wing” smartphone goes a different direction entirely. It flips out a second screen to form a T, and the company wants to tell us more on September 14.

If you think way back to the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had an odd phone. At first glance, it looked like a standard candy bar phone of the day popularized by Nokia. But with the push of a button, the display flipped out tho a horizontal layout.

Unlike the transparent phones that would replace it in the sequels, the flippy phone is real. It’s the LG VX9400, a feature phone from yesteryear. And LG’s latest phone clearly takes design inspiration from its older brother.

A few leaks have shown us a better view, but you can see in LG’s teaser video the basics of the concept. What appears to be one standard Android smartphone transforms by sliding a second screen out horizontally to form a T with the first display.

Someone may want to let LG know that Microsoft already has the “rotating screen showing a wave” aesthetic covered. The Wing’s form factor may make for a few interesting use case scenarios, but only if LG has the software to back it up. We’ll know more when LG does a full reveal in a YouTube livestream on September 14, and we’ll bring you the details.

Source: LG