Juuk’s swanky leather bands are a great Apple Watch upgrade

Juuk leather bands for Apple Watch
Now available from the Cult of Mac Store.
Photo: Juuk

Juuk, maker of some of the best metal bracelets money can buy for Apple Watch, just brought its wonderful lineup of leather bands to the Cult of Mac Store.

They’re all spectacular made from high-end materials like fine Italian leather, making them the perfect Apple Watch upgrade. Get yours today for just $79.

Before Juuk began making its own Apple Watch accessories, it was manufacturing premium bands for some of the biggest names in the Swiss watchmaking business. Its bracelets can be found on watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars.<!– –>

That’s how great Juuk’s watch bands are. And now they’re available to those who prefer soft leather over metal.

Juuk leather bands available now

Juuk’s lineup of leather Apple Watch bands is now available from the Cult of Mac Store. There are two outstanding designs to choose from — all of which are made from genuine Italian leather, combined with Juuk’s terrific and super-simple stainless steel clasps.

Juuk leather bands for Apple Watch
Korza is available with colorful accents.
Photo: Juuk

The Korza is a classic, understated option that makes Apple Watch feel even more expensive. The Viteza sports a more casual design that’s perforated to make it more breathable — ideal for those on the go.

In true Juuk fashion, both styles are exceptionally well put together. They feel tough and robust, but at the same time, just as attractive and as high-end as leather bands that might cost you twice as much. And like all good leather goods, they age beautifully over time.

They’re also available in various color options, some of which — like Azur and Fushcia — offer striking blue and pink accents that make for a more unique finish for those who want it.

Get your Juuk band from just $79

Check out Juuk’s new leather bands for both 38/40mm and 42/44mm Apple Watch models in the Cult of Mac Store today. All are priced at $79 each — and they’re well worth every penny.