Enhance your video calls with enhanced lenses, lighting and more

Pictar Home-Office Kit
Make your videos look better with a bundle of 18mm wide angle lens, 3-in-1 tripod, LED light, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Nowadays much of our human contact happens through a screen. From Zoom meetings to vlogs, podcasts and livestreams, the cameras on our phones and computers are the world’s window into our lives. The lenses, lighting and other gear in this kit can help improve the view.

Pictar Home Office Kit includes everything you need to make your videos and video calls better. The wide angle lens expands the field of view, so you can capture the whole picture, and really show off your bookshelf. It’s also just a great way to expand the scope of your phone’s camera, with a Pictar app that makes lens adjustment easy, 20 shooting modes and more. Additionally, there’s a tripod for super solid shots, no more slipping camera or shaky video. Tripod is not the right word, actually, because it has 5 flexible legs that you can shape to any surface. Finally, a compact LED lamp is perfect for laptops, phone cameras and DSLRs. No matter what you’re shooting with, it dramatically improves the quality and character of the image, with a built-in battery that’ll run at full brightness for up to 2 hours on a charge

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