It’s Not Just You—Zoom Is Down

The Zoom logo

Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, more people are working from home and video conferencing than ever. One of the beneficiaries (and victims) of that trend is Zoom, which has seen massive growth in the past year. Unfortunately for anyone that relies on Zoom for video calls, the service is down.

We’re early on in the outage, so it’s unclear what the cause is yet. But Zoom already updated its status page to note that it sees the partial outage for meetings and webinars. Although the status page lists the Zoom website as operational the company specifies that some users are having issues with it as, an entry from

Hopefully, Zoom can take care of whatever led to the issue in short order. It’s only Monday, and we all have a lot of work to do this week. In th meantime you can follow Zoom’s status page and Twitter account for updates. And we’ll be sure to update this article when the service comes back up.

Source: Zoom