The 14 Best Weekend Deals: Earbuds, Robot Vacuums, and More

The months of endless, locked-down monotony are wearing on, but here at WIRED, we’re looking for bright spots wherever we can. A lot of great earbuds are on sale this weekend, just right for puttering around the yard or blocking out your spouse. Also, we may not be making grand travel plans for Labor Day, but it does mean that great (off-season) sales are on the way.

This weekend is also the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which will run through August 30. If you’re in a browsing kind of mood, don’t forget to check out our latest buying guides for advice on how to pick out a kid-friendly tablet, a Dyson vacuum, and more.

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Earbuds and Phone Deals

Photograph: Jabra

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Computer and Gaming Deals

nintendo switch
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