Spotify is Currently Down as Users Are Unable to Stream Songs

Spotify is currently experiencing an outage that is affecting music playback. Due to the outage, the service stops playing music after a few seconds and throws the “can’t play the current song” error. The issue first started occurring around 8AM ET.

Apart from playback issues, Spotify subscribers are also unable to search for playlists, albums, and artists as the app is throwing a “Couldn’t load the page” error.

Spotify has already confirmed the outage and that it is working on fixing the matter. The outage does not seem to be global as Spotify seems to be working fine for subscribers in India. Listeners who have songs synced to their devices for offline playback are also not going to be affected by this outage.

This is perhaps the first time that Spotify has been affected by an outage like this. In previous occasions, the app was crashing for iPhone users due to a bug with the Facebook SDK.

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