WhatsApp Could Finally Let You Transfer Chat History between iPhone and Android

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Despite being one of the most popular messaging services in the world, one of the biggest pain points with WhatsApp is that it does not allow users to transfer their chat history between Android and iPhone. This is a major issue as many users are unable to switch to an iPhone from an Android device and vice versa due to this.

On iPhone, WhatsApp chats are backed up to iCloud while on Android devices, they are backed up to Google Drive. Due to this, there’s no way to transfer iOS WhatsApp chat history to Android devices as WhatsApp for iOS does not support Google Drive backups. However, it looks like WhatsApp is working on this issue.

It has been reported previously that WhatsApp is working on multi-device support. As a part of that feature, the company is working on syncing chats between devices. This is also the reason that WhatsApp has not yet released its iPad app despite the company working on it for years. The report from WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp was previously working on the feature to convert the iOS WhatsApp chat history to be compatible with Android format. It is unclear if the company is still working on this project or not and what its current status is.

Given just how many WhatsApp users want the ability to transfer chat history between Android and iPhone, the addition of this feature would be a much-needed one. This feature would also be required for the multi-device aspect of WhatsApp to work properly, otherwise the feature could end up being severely limited.

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