New 27-inch iMac Storage Confirmed Soldered to Logic Board Making Replacement or Upgrade Impossible

Apple refreshed its 27-inch iMac earlier this week with faster 10th gen. Intel CPUs, SSDs, faster AMD GPUs, and more. Soon after the machine was launched, it was reported that the SSD on the new iMacs is soldered on the logic board making them non-replaceable. An internal document obtained by MacRumors further confirms this.

The internal document also says that for the 4TB and 8TB 27-inch iMac configurations a flash expansion board is attached to the connector on the logic board. This expansion board is not found in other storage configurations of the iMac. The 4TB and 8TB SSDs are likely bigger than the other SSD configurations available for the iMac which is why Apple is using an expansion board for them.

The internal document also confirms that the flash storage and logic board inside the new iMac are paired together for hardware encryption. This means that if the iMac’s logic board goes bust or requires a replacement, the SSD will need to be replaced as well and user data won’t be recoverable. This is why Apple recommends users to periodically back up their iMac data.

The 27-inch iMac has received positive reviews from all major publications and reviewers. Its performance, the upgraded 1080p FaceTime HD camera, and faster SSD storage were praised by all. The optional nano-texture coating on the display is also one of the highlights of the machine and the display is stunning to look at despite the dated design.


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