Apple Music or Spotify: Which Music Streaming Service Do You Use?

Music streaming has exploded in popularity in recent years and Spotify and Apple Music have been at the forefront of this. The two streaming services combined serve over 300 million subscribers worldwide and have replaced FM radios and offline music libraries for many.

At one point, Spotify’s iOS app offered a far better experience than Apple Music which made it the obvious choice for many. However, over the years, Apple has constantly updated its Music app to improve its usability and add new features to it. As things stand right now, Spotify’s iPhone app has excellent UI/UX but the Music app in iOS not far behind either. Apple is also improving the Music app with the upcoming iOS 14 update to deliver an even better user experience and improve discoverability, an area where Apple Music has always lagged behind Spotify.

In terms of music library, both Apple Music and Spotify have an expansive list of artists and music labels on board. Apple Music does have one advantage, it is available in more countries than Spotify. But then the latter makes up for it by offering an ad-supported free tier that’s missing from Apple Music. In terms of pricing, both Spotify and Apple Music are largely the same. The monthly subscription of both services in the US costs $9.99/month but while Spotify offers a one-month free trial, Apple Music offers a three-month free trial. The Family plan of both music streaming services is again priced the same: 14.99/month. Spotify does have a Duo plan where it offers 2 premium accounts for couples for just $12.99/month.

To further differentiate itself from Apple Music and other streaming services, Spotify has pivoted towards podcasts. Apple Music does not have podcasts support but Apple does have a standalone Podcasts app of its own. Between Spotify and Apple Music, which is your favorite music streaming service? And why? Take part in the poll below and let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment as well!

Apple Music or Spotify – Which Music Streaming Service do You Use?

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