Apple TV+ nabs detective drama from Robert Downey Jr.’s production company

Apple picked up to rights to a TV series created by Robert Downey Jr.’s production company.
Robert Downey Jr.’s production company created a crime drama for Apple TV+.
Photo: Team Downey

A detective drama from Robert Downey Jr.’s production company is reportedly headed to Apple TV+. The series centers on a down-at-the-heels cop trying to solve a decades-old cold case.

Downey, best known for playing Iron Man in numerous Marvel movies, might take a role in the show.

Apple bought the rights and made a straight-to-series order for the show, without a pilot being filmed, according to Variety.

The series, which remains unnamed, is based on “The Sting,” a news article Michael Lista wrote for Toronto Life.  It is, as Lista puts it, “the inside story of a brutally botched undercover operation.”

The show is being produced by Team Downey, which was founded by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey. The actor reportedly might appear in a supporting role, not the lead.

Apple TV+ producing lots of thrillers

Whatever this detective drama ends up being called, it’ll eventually appear on Apple TV+. The iPhone maker’s streaming video service is aggressively growing its library of shows and movies. Many of these have the word “thriller” in the description. Before the end of 2020, there’ll be debuts for the neo-noir thriller Losing Alice and the espionage thriller Tehran.

The upcoming production by Team Downey is reminiscent of Defending Jacob, a crime drama already on Apple TV+ starring Chris Evans, famous for playing Captain America in numerous Marvel Movies.