You Can Preorder This Adorable Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition Now

A spread showing all the items, like a deed, manual, and extras, that come with the collector's edition.

The critically acclaimed indie game Stardew Valley rose to fame without physical game sales. For those of you that love physical game merchandise though, this collector’s edition has tangible goodies in spades.

Thanks to a collaboration between game creator Eric Barone and Fangamer you can preorder not just a physical copy of the game but an upgraded edition too. The basic physical copy comes with a cute box and manual (and will run you $29 for the PC and $34 for the Switch). But upgrading to the collector’s edition—which should really be called the painfully-adorable-edition—for $64 (PC) or $69 (Switch), gets you so much more.

While you can absolutely enjoy the game without the extra loot, for the upgrade price you get collector’s box, wooden farm standee, wooden pin, a Junimo-centered comic book featuring the adorable little in-game helpers, a dead for your farm, a Stardew Valley cleaning cloth for your glasses or computer screen, and (if you order before 8/15) you get a bonus poster too in addition to the physical game and manual.

Examples of Stardew Valley merchandise like books, records, and plush toys.

But hey, don’t feel bad if you already own the game and you’re not sure if you want to buy another copy of the game just for some merch. You can score all kinds of cute Stardew Valley themed gear at Fangamer like the books, vinyl records, plush toys, and pins seen above.

Finally, if this post happened to have put Stardew Valley on your radar and you suddenly find yourself longing to play the laid-back idyllic small-town farming simulator to forget about life for a while, do check out this spoiler-free guide to getting started with the game.