Apple gives educators new guide on discussing racial equity

Apple released a guide to talking about Apple racial equity.
Apple wants to help educators lead discussions on racial equity.
Photo: Apple

As part of its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, Apple on Tuesday shared a guide for teachers and parents on how to discuss race and equity in the classroom.

Apple’s guide to talking about racial equity

CEO Tim Cook said via Twitter, “We have created a helpful discussion guide to support teachers and parents who want to start a dialogue about race and equity, but need some help finding where to begin.”<!– –>

Lisa Jackson, an Apple VP and head of the company’s $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, said in a video posted to Twitter, ”We are launching a new initiative, one to help parents and teachers, create a dialogue about race and justice, and inequality in a way that’s empowering and accessible for their students.”

The guide, a 33MB document in Apple Pages format, is available now. It provides a common vocabulary and a framework for discussing race and racism.

And this is just the start. “Over the next several months, we’ll be sharing a series of conversation guides and learning based challenges on issues related to race and inequality,” said Jackson.