PSA: New episode of Little Voice arrives on Apple TV+

Sean Teale and Brittany O'Grady star in the contrived musical romance Little Voice.
Sean Teale and Brittany O’Grady star in musical romance Little Voice.
Photo: Apple TV+

After an unexplained absence last Friday, Apple today released the latest episode of its series Little Voice.

The series, from producer J.J. Abrams, songwriter Sara Bareilles and writer Jessie Nelson, follows the journey of aspiring singer Bess King as she strives to live out her dreams.

The preview episode five, titled “Quick, Quick Slow” reads as follows: “When she decides to make a music video, Bess asks Ethan to direct and enlist all of her friends to help make it a DIY masterpiece.”

Apple released the first four episodes of Little Voice on July 10. New episodes debut weekly on a Friday although, as noted, last Friday did not include one. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Little Voice currently has mixed-to-positive feedback. It has 76% audience score, based on 17 reviews. Its critical review rating (the Tomatometer) is 74% from 27 reviews. You can read Cult of Mac‘s review of the show here.

Apple TV+ now offers previews

Apple has also slightly tweaked the Apple TV+ interface (I believe this was actually done last week, although this is the first Apple TV+ releases post I’ve done since then) to show a preview of the next episode.

The preview consists of a screenshot and written description of what will happen in the next installment, along with a release date. Episode six of Little Voice will debut next Friday.

Little Voice is available to watch on Apple TV+

As with all shows on Apple TV+, you can watch Little Voice by signing up for the subscription service. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month. However, if you’ve bought a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV you get one year’s free subscription thrown in as part of your purchase.

Apple has yet to announce Apple TV+ subscriber numbers. We will likely get an update regarding how the service is doing when Apple reports its Q3 earnings next week. Don’t necessarily count on any hard figures, though.