Leaker: Apple Has New Products ‘Ready to Ship’

Multiple leaks have pointed to Apple’s imminent launch of an iMac refresh. Now, leaker @L0vet0dream has also claimed in a cryptic tweet that Apple has some new products ready to ship.

It is likely that the leaker is referring to the impending iMac refresh that has been talked about quite a bit in leaks. This will be Apple’s last Intel-powered Mac refresh and it is expected to feature up to 10-core Comet Lake processors, more powerful AMD 5xxx series GPU, and more.

Apple is also rumored to announce an Apple Silicon-powered iMac refresh before the end of this year along with a 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh. The Apple Silicon-based iMac is expected to feature a 24-inch display and feature a redesigned chassis.

While not mentioned, it is possible that Apple has had to delay the launch of the new 2020 iMac refresh due to its supply-chain being negatively affected by the ongoing pandemic. This has already led to a shortage of iPads and MacBooks worldwide and Apple could be prioritizing them instead of launching a new iMac right now.

Apple has a lot of other products in the pipeline as well including a new Apple TV, refreshed iPad, AirTags, and more. However, they should all be announced in late Q3 alongside the iPhone 12 lineup or in early Q4.

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