Rumor: Apple Could Release a New App for Windows 10 Soon

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Apple killed iTunes with the release of macOS Catalina last year but kept the Windows app around for iPhone users. Now, it looks like the company could soon be releasing a new app for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store.

The original report from the Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia only points to a new app from Apple coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 sometime soon. It fails to provide any other details about what the app will be about and the functionality it will offer.

Similar to its strategy with macOS Catalina where Apple replaced iTunes with multiple apps, the company could do something similar on the Windows side as well. It could release standalone apps for its various services like Podcasts and Books and replace iTunes with a new Music app. Alternatively, Apple could also release a dedicated Apple TV+ app for Windows that could help in widening the userbase of its streaming service which has so far lagged behind its competitors since its release.

Last year, job listings had popped up on Apple’s website for hiring engineers to build the ‘next generation’ of media apps for Windows. It is likely that the new app that Apple plans on launching on the Microsoft Store is a result of that.

What app do you think Apple will be launching for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store? Which app do you think the platform sorely needs from Apple first?

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