Mystery Apple app could be on its way to Windows 10

Microsoft Windows
Coming soon to a Windows PC near you?
Photo: Microsoft

Steve Jobs once said that Apple software landing on Windows was like serving ice water to a person in hell. If a new report from Italian website Aggiornamenti Lumia is to be believed, Windows users may be about to get their first cool, refreshing beverage in a while.

The report states that Apple is gearing up to launch a dedicated Apple app on the Microsoft Store. There’s no word on what this will include. However, it could well be related to Apple’s streaming subscription services making their way to Windows.

iTunes has been a part of the Windows Store for a couple of year. However, following Apple’s route of dividing it up into separate TV, Podcasts, and Music apps suggests that Microsoft could follow suit.

It definitely makes sense at a time when Apple is leaning on its services revenue more than ever. Since this is a growing part of Apple’s business, it figures that Apple would want to make it easier for Windows users to watch Apple TV+ and the like.

In 2019, Apple advertised on LinkedIn for engineers with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) experience. It wanted them to help build the “next generation” of media apps for Windows. We may be about to find out what those apps would involve!

Here, for those who don’t remember it, was Steve Jobs talking about Apple software on Windows:

Via: 9to5Mac