Ways to Stay Calm During Quarantine: Candles, Plants, and Other Tips

There are adult coloring books that might appeal to how you’re feeling right now. Might I suggest coloring in curse words? Or how about This Annoying Life, which features frustrating scenes we can all surely relate to, like going to get ice only to find the trays empty.

Write It Down

If coloring in a picture of the F-word doesn’t do it for you, try writing it down instead. There are many ways you can go about journaling. You can write about what happened in a day, try gratitude journaling to remind yourself about the good things in your life, write poems or short stories, or jot down profanities for five entire pages—whatever it is, journaling can really help you deal with difficult days.

It’s easy enough to start a digital journal, but I recommend pen and paper. Miquelrius notebooks are my favorite for everything, from journaling to to-do lists, because the paper is so delightfully soft.

Focus on the Body and Soul

Ways to Stay Calm During Quarantine Candles Plants and Other Tips
Photograph: Therabody

It’s important to focus on your mental health during this time, but you should also give adequate attention to your body. You might not be walking as much as you used to or exercising in general. Carve out some time in the day for both.

Work Out

Some people work out to relieve stress and feel calm. I am not one of those people, but I do take their word for it. WIRED Senior writer Adrienne So put together a guide on How to Work Out From Home that will help even the laziest and out of shape of us (me) to get moving.

If working out sounds more stress-inducing than stress-relieving, but you still want to stay somewhat active, try yoga. It keeps me centered, focused, and melts away my stress. And while some practices are harder than others, yoga helps build muscle. I use a half-inch thick mat that helps with my back pain, but any mat or comfortable spot in your home will do. If you need some assistance, Yoga With Adriene is my favorite YouTube channel for practicing at home.

Whether your muscles get sore from working out or from slouching over your computer for the 100th day in a row, a Theragun will fix you right up. We tested most of the company’s new lineup to find our favorites, with the Theragun Elite ($400) coming out on top. It’s not cheap, but it has the quietest motor and an ergonomic handle for hitting the hard-to-reach spots yourself. For half that price you can try the Mini ($200), but it’s a bit more difficult to use by yourself. There are other, less expensive percussive therapy devices out there but we have yet to test them.

Clear Your Mind

Meditation is an extremely beneficial tool to feel calm. We are constantly plugged-in with what’s going on in the world, and right now it’s weighing on us. Setting aside time to meditate, with your phone on silent, will give you at least a few minutes of peace.