Apple’s next earnings call will take place July 30

Earnings call
Tim Cook calling.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple will publish its Q3 fiscal report on July 30, complete with an earnings call to investors with Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri.

The call will take place at 2pm PST (5pm ET), reveals Apple’s Investors Relations webpage.

Apple’s third quarter earnings covers the April through June period. (It’s Q3 because Apple begins its fiscal year in the last three months of the calendar year so as to start off on the high note of the holiday season.)

This Q3 period was very different from the previous ones in Apple history. That’s because it’s going to be one of the quarters where the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic is underlined. For most of this period, Apple Stores around the world were closed due to COVID-19. It was also the quarter when the early 2020 supply chain challenges hit customers in terms of any shortage of devices. Due to the uncertainty, Apple has not provided guidance for its June quarter.

On the plus side, Apple introduced its 2020 iPhone SE models. While Apple is unlikely to break down exact unit sales (it hasn’t done this for some time), it should nonetheless provide insight into how these phones were initially received.

Apple could also spill some more details about its WWDC announcements. The biggest of these is likely to be Apple’s shift to Apple Silicon for future Macs.

Via: Apple Insider