These steel-jacketed Lightning and USB-C cables resist fraying and tangling [Deals]

Evercable: Score the world's strongest phone cable, with 4.3 foot length, fast charging and data-transfer speeds.
Score what just might be the world’s strongest phone cable, in either Lightning or USB-C.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mobile devices depend on Lightning and USB cables to stay charged and synced, so it’s a bummer that those cables are so prone to fraying and breaking. Even in perfect shape, standard Apple cables tend to last just a few months. Not so with these Iron Man-worthy cables from Evercable.

The Evercable Steel Armored Cable might be the world’s strongest cable. With a stainless steel jacket, these cables are good for more than 60,000 bends. That means a long, tough life even with everyday use. These cables are literally strong enough to lift a cinder block.

Another benefit is that they won’t tangle. And, since they measure 4.3 feet long, there’s plenty of reach for your car, home or office. The wiring under the casing is premium, too, so Evercable can charge and sync your phones or tablets at top speed.<!– –>

Buy now: Get an Evercable 4.35-foot steel armored Lightning cable for $18.95. That’s 17% off the usual price. You can also get a USB-C version of the cable.